Dexterous, Tough, Easy to Control.
An advanced, all-electric robotic arm for inspection class Remotely Operated Vehicles.

The Worlds Smallest, Lightest
Underwater Manipulator.

A revolutionary capability for ROV operations.

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Advanced robotic arms designed for harsh environments.


Robotic Manipulators Enhancing Remotely Operated Vehicles

We set out to make the smallest, all-electric underwater robotic arms in the world and succeeded. 

This filled a capability gap for users of portable Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and enabled subsea tasks previously reserved for larger underwater vehicles.

Our customers include military organisations, service providers for the oil and gas industry conducting pipe and tank inspections, and scientists wanting to further their research in underwater robotics and marine biology.

Product Overview

With high accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning and our master/slave topside controller, Reach Alpha is the world’s smallest, smartest, and most dexterous clsss of robotic manipulator for the portable ROV community.

Reach Bravo

Designed to conduct Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) tasks usually reserved for human divers, this class of seven-function, subsea robotic manipulator is compact, light-weight, smart, and tough.

With one-to-one joint matching and comfortable design, the Master Arm reduces ROV training time and enables dexterous tasks not possible with traditional control methods.

Reach Control interface

The Reach Control software package provides an intuitive interface between operator and manipulator system. Advanced features including kinematic control and workspace definition enable the conduct of complex tasks in remote and hostile environments.

Reach System accessories offer increased functionality and versatility to ROV’s.  The Reach light is a tough and reliable subsea light, with zero light-leaking.  The Reach Tilt offers actuated vision in a small package, ideal for operators wanting to keep payload to a minimum.

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Responsive Integration Support for BPL robotic manipulators

Responsive Integration Support

1000+ Hours Logged on BPL robotic manipulators

1000+ Hours Logged

Responsive Remote Support for owners of BPL robotic manipulators

Responsive Remote Support

12 Month Warranty for BPL robotic manipulators

12 Month Warranty

Extended Warranty, Spares Packages & Service Plans Available on BPL robotic manipulators

Extended Warranty, Spares Packages & Service Plans Available



With 1000+ hours of operational time, our products are proven to live up to the toughness, reliability, and usability required for underwater inspection and intervention in complex environments.

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Integrated and Proven
on leading Remotely
Operated Vehicles

To date, we’ve worked with vehicle manufacturers, service providers, and other ROV operators to integrate, test, and deploy our underwater robotics into the field.

With 1000+ hours of operational time, our products are proven to live up to the toughness, reliability, and usability required for underwater inspection and intervention in harsh environments.

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Customers say

Vehicle integrations include: SRS Fusion, Teledyne Seabotix vLBV300, VideoRay Pro4, Pro5, MSS Defender, BlueRobotics BlueROVs (and Heavy Configuration), Oceanbotics SRV-8, SEAMOR, and many more custom applications.

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Our units start at USD $2,500 for single function actuators and the Reach 5 Mini starts at around USD $22,000.

Single and dual function actuators: 8 weeks
3F+ Manipulators: 10-12 weeks
Faster lead-times may be secured at a premium

Yes, on request – let us know what you’re trying to do.

Yes! We provide a Software Developers Kit and Communication Protocol Document for developers looking to create custom interfaces.

Of course! For research customers, we have available a data pack including mass-inertia, kinematic, and hydrodynamic properties, DH parameters, and approximate torque-current relationships. See Here.

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