Reach System robotic manipulators are helping Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operators and researchers push the boundaries of ROV inspection and intervention. 

From complex weld inspections, to special recovery operations, to testing new autonomous intervention algorithms, we’re helping people solve complex problems underwater and complete previously impossible tasks.

The new era of IED and mine warfare brings heightened risk for Navy Clearance Divers.

Our robotic manipulators are helping to reduce that risk with remote intervention capabilities.

Marine Asset Integrity is no longer solely the domain of human divers and large ROVs. Our Reach System robotic manipulators open up new options for service providers aiming to do more with smaller, below-work-class vehicles. 

Complex weld inspections using Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) probes are just some of the applications that the Reach System enables. 

Inspection and intervention in one of the world’s most hazardous environments requires high-reliability and deployment confidence. 

Fail-safes, compliant materials, tested solutions; the Reach System can help change the way service providers conduct nuclear service and decommissioning activities remotely.

Civil and Military Professionals use our equipment on their ROVs for recovery of objects and persons from lakes and rivers. In these critical circumstances, operators need system reliability and usability confidence.

With existing, proven vehicle integrations on some of the leading portable vehicles, our actuators are tough and enable mission success.

The pace of development in autonomous underwater systems has accelerated in the last decade. We’re helping the world’s leading robotics labs and universities push their academic research from theory and simulation to real-world application.

Our small, smart, dexterous robotic arms are providing an expansion to the research and exploration capabilities of marine biologists, explorers, and diving enthusiasts. 

Providing a previously unavailable level of dexterity for small vehicles, and the ability to reach into small areas, Reach System robotic manipulators provides a capability multiplier ready to go for existing ROVs.

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