The pace of development in autonomous underwater systems has  accelerated in the last decade. We’re helping the world’s leading robotics labs and universities push their academic research from theory and simulation to real-world application.

ROS Node now available for rapid integration

VideoRay MSS Defender ROV with Blueprint Lab Underwater Robotic Manipulator

Testing a Blueprint Lab manipulator on a VideoRay MSS Defender

Use Cases

  • Multi-vehicle cooperative transportation and construction.
  • Autonomous infrastructure inspection.
  • Task planning and control panel intervention.
  • Object identification and manipulation.


  • The most compact subsea electric manipulators in the world.
  • Built by roboticists who understand research requirements and novel applications.
  • Open-source protocol and SDK.
  • Supplied with hydro-dynamics and DH parameters ready for system modelling.
  • High-level of system modification available (control loops gains and readings, kinematic settings etc).
SRS Fusion with Dual Subsea Robotic Manipulators

Dual Blueprint Lab manipulators on an SRS Fusion vehicle

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Reach 5 Mini – Kinematic and Dynamic Properties

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