The new era of IED and mine warfare brings heightened risk for Navy Clearance Divers conducting military operations. Blueprint Lab manipulators are helping to reduce that risk by enabling remote intervention capabilities with advanced, all electric robotic arms for inspection class ROVs. Our manipulators augment leading portable ROVs allowing for expeditionary intervention and rapid response. Their proven dexterity and resilience in harsh underwater environments makes them an asset for complex military operations.

Bespoke integration with Vehicle OEMs create a highly operable and intuitive systems for military use.

Bespoke integration with Vehicle OEMs create a highly operable and intuitive systems.


  • Close Visual Inspection and Intervention of Underwater Improvised Explosive Devices (UIEDs).
  • Deployment of Limpet Mine Disposal Tools.
  • Remote search and recovery.
  • Tether and shackle connections.

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  • High-usability and intuitive control.  Cut your operator training to a minimum.
  • High dexterity manipulation.  Conduct complex, fine-tuned intervention previously impossible for deployable, expeditionary vehicles.
  • Minimal footprint; keep your ROV and AUV logistics to a minimum with a small, low-maintenance, all-included system.

To see the Blueprint Lab ‘Alpha Five’ manipulator completing complex military recovery and placement tasks underwater, please visit our product page, where you can also find more information on our Reach Alpha class of robotic manipulators.

Blueprint Lab manipulator being used for a complex recovery mission (Full Article)

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