Nuclear environments are some of the world’s most hazardous and high risk spaces to conduct inspection and intervention tasks, requiring technology with high reliability and deployment confidence. Blueprint Lab’s advanced robotic manipulators are designed and proven to withstand harsh environments and enable operators to safely conduct remote operations with success. Our manipulators offer fail-safes, compliant materials and tested solutions in order to maximise productivity. The Reach System can help change and expand the way service providers conduct nuclear service and decommissioning activities remotely.

A Blueprint Lab manipulator attached to a Nexxis Crawler vehicle for object recovery


  • Spent-Fuel Pond Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Infrastructure inspection.
  • Recovery and clearing of debris.
  • Failed system retrieval.

Blueprint Lab manipulators have undergone successful radiation testing at the Australia Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). The testing allowed us to validate our products durability within these harsh environments, where a high level of reliability is essential. Read more about our testing and evaluation at ANSTO.

Do you have specific project requirements?


  • PMUC materials are available.
  • EMC compliant materials.
  • Fail-safes for physical collapse and retrieval on power-loss.
  • Fully-contained system that minimises decontamination requirements.

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PMUC-Compliant SS Parallel Jaws (Nuclear Ready)​

PMUC-Compliant SS Parallel Jaws (Nuclear Ready)