Inspection and intervention of offshore oil and gas infrastructure has traditionally been the domain of human divers and large ROVs. Our Reach System manipulators open up new options for offshore service providers aiming to do more with smaller below-work-class vehicles.

Operators using our systems are aiding the diver and reducing their risk, bringing cost savings and confidence to clients.

Teledyne Seabotix ROV with Blueprint Lab electric manipulator with probe and brush end-effector

Custom Probe and Brush End-Effector on a Teledyne Seabotix vLBV300 Crawler Variant

Use Cases

  • Close Visual Inspection via end-effector camera.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) using various probes (CP, UT etc).
  • Valve-manipulation.
  • Rotary Brush for anti-fouling and inspection preparation.


  • Robust, field-tested system.
  • Active compliance on rotate and end-effector joints provide protection against overload and collision.
  • Master arm controller allows for order-of-magnitude more accurate inspection to class surveyor standards.
  • All-electric, zero-oil system.
  • Previously unavailable level or dexterity for portable and inspection-class ROVs.
Blueprint Lab Reach System 1 - Reach 5 Mini Underwater Robotic Manipulator for Subsea ROVs conducting ut probe inspection

CT Probe End-effector model on a performing a simulated surface inspection 

Some of our offshore oil and gas stakeholders

Also used by Teledyne Seabotix

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