Civil and Military Professionals use our equipment on their ROVs for recovery of objects and persons from lakes and rivers. In these critical circumstances, operators need system reliability and usability confidence. 

With existing, proven vehicle integrations on some of the leading portable vehicles, our actuators are tough and enable mission success.

Reach 5 Mini on the VideoRay MSS Defender enabling complex object special recovery and placement

Reach 5 Mini on the VideoRay MSS Defender enabling complex object recovery and placement.

Use Cases

  • Clamping and securing of underwater objects and persons.
  • Clipping carabineers to lines and eyelets for retrieval.
  • Object hold and marking for later diver retrace.
  • Cutting objects free from tangled line and net.
  • AUV and spent ordinance recovery.


  • High-usability and intuitive control. Cut your operator training to a minimum.
  • Active compliance on rotate and end-effector joints provide protection against overload and collision
  • High-Clamping Force. Grab with confidence.
  • High dexterity manipulation. Multiply your capability beyond a standard grabber to reach complex locations.
The Reach 5 mini grabs hold of a mooring line

The Reach 5 Mini on BlueRobotics BlueROV2 grabs hold of a mooring line for marking and recovery.

Some of our existing SRO Customers

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