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Designed to conduct Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) tasks usually reserved for human divers, this seven-fuction robotic manipulator is compact, lightweight, smart and tough.

Its form factor was designed for industry leading inspection-class ROV operators making it a ready-to-go option for existing fleets.

The Reach 7 enables complex inspection tasks, underwater valve manipulation, and Special Recovery Operations. With a large operating envelope and master arm controller, this underwater manipulator provides a previously unavailable capability multiplier to ROV operators.


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A subsea, electric 7-Function robotic manipulator allowing new complact inspection and manipulation opportunities for your underwater vehicle.

Underwater, Land, Air, Nuclear - The Reach System is environment agnostic.


Master Arm Enabled
Electric, Zero Oil
Adjustable Grab Force
End-effector Tool Interchangeable
Highly Modular and Configurable
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  • One-click Home Position
  • Embedded Controllers – No additional POD for the ROV
  • Corrosion and scratch resistant anodized aluminium.
  • On-board high performance GPU for advanced applications and custom development
  • Electrical and USB interface for ROV tools and sensors
  • Ready-built and designed for industry leading inspection-class ROVs and autonomous vehicles


  • Manipulator Reach: 0.85m
  • Max Outer Diameter: 90mm
  • Manipulator lift at full reach: 12kg
  • Joint Speed: 120deg/s (configurable)
  • Grabber Opening: 210mm
  • End-effector Accuracy: <1cm
  • Underwater Weight: 4.5kg
  • Subsea Depth Rating: 300MSW (stay tuned for deeper versions)
  • Electric Voltage Input: 24-48V
  • Power Requirement: 800W Max
  • Bus Control: RS485/Ethercat.

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Select the manipulator required to suit your underwater application and vehicle integration.

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We’ve worked with ROV manufacturers, offshore oil and gas service providers, and single ROV owners to ensure that integration of our robotics is smooth.

Get in touch to help us understand your requirements.



Reducing risk and increasing Rate Of Effort (ROE) for the Mine Clearance Diver and EOD community.

  • Carabiner and magnetic attachments
  • Navy Search and Rescue Operations
  • Underwater Special Recovery Operations (SRO)
  • Downed aircraft, AUV, and other object recovery
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Operations

Oil and Gas

Lowering costs and expanding capabilities for the offshore oil and gas community.

  • Valve and other manifold manipulation
  • Object placement and recovery
  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI) of infrastructure
  • Complex inspection of pipes and welds with NDT probes (CP, UT etc)

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