The Reach Control software package provides an intuitive interface between operator and manipulator system. Advanced features including kinematic control and workspace definition enable the conduct of complex tasks in remote and hostile environments.

Software Interface for Blueprint Lab Subsea Manipulators

Reach Control Lite

  • Communicates over TCP/IP,  serial, or UDP.
  • Provides intuitive control of position, velocity and current.
  • Diagnostics and status monitoring.
  • Customisable limits of position, velocity and force.

Reach Control Advanced

  • Advanced Kinematics Engine providing Cartesian End-Effector Control
  • Crack and Feature Measurement Tool
  • Workspace Obstacle Avoidance
  • Multiple Operator Control Inputs
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and status monitoring
Control software for subsea manipulators
Reach Control Software Interface for Blueprint Lab Subsea Manipulators

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