Micro IP ROV Camera

Achieve mission success with the compact, low-light, underwater Micro IP Camera. Designed to deliver live visual feedback, the camera enables greater perception during remote operations - a must for complex intervention and inspection.


Your eyes, underwater rov

The Micro IP Camera allows clear vision in harsh environments.  Available in combination with a Reach Alpha or Bravo system, or as a stand alone product for your own vehicle, the Micro IP camera is the perfect companion tool to improve situational awareness, task accuracy and efficiency. 


Never miss a beat with our SUBSEA camera

Stream in real-time via the Reach Control Software Interface.  Featuring a live feedback function equipped with auto-orientation, the interface is designed for ease of operation regardless of the cameras rotational movement so you can inspect hard-to-reach spaces and record accurate data with ease.  Discover more about Reach Control Software.


Featuring a sapphire glass porthole cover and a depth rating of 300M, the Micro IP Camera is scratch resistant and built to withstand harsh environments.  Specifications include:

  • 1080p Resolution
  • 2MP IP Camera
  • High performance in low light conditions
  • 2.8mm Standard Focal Length
  • 130° FOV
  • Minimum Illumination (LUX): 0.01
  • Latency: <200ms

Stand Alone & Reach Alpha

Supplied with Impulse whip for integration
Length: 96mm
Outer Diameter: Ø24

For Reach Bravo

Integrated internally with the manipulator system
Length: 83mm
Outer Diameter: Ø24

Micro IP Camera

The Micro IP Camera allows clear, uninhibited vision in subsea environments. Featuring simple integration via an impulse connector, the Micro IP Camera is compatible with Reach Alpha manipulators, subsea vehicles and other devices.
Key Specifications

Bravo Wrist Camera

The Reach Bravo Wrist Camera gives operators clear vision at the end-effector of their manipulator. Situated just before the wrist rotate stage, this module is a must for complex intervention and inspection, augmenting the vision provided by the vehicle camera.
Key Specifications