Be confident. The Reach 5 Mini is a tough and reliable multi-function electric manipulator designed for complex environments.  With highly-accurate joint position measurement, and our master/slave topside controller, the Reach 5 Mini is the worlds smallest, smartest, and most dexterous manipulator for the portable ROV community.  A must for operators in the new era of close inspection work and complex intervention.



  • Highly Modular and Configurable – 3, 4 or 5 function versions available.
  • Quick Change End-effector (Options: Quad-Jaw, Pincer, 17mm Rope Cutter)
  • Embedded controllers – no additional POD (WYSIWYG)
  • Adjustable grab force – pick up a sea urchin or cut a cable
  • Active Compliance – enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects and optimizes stability of the ROV
  • Validated and proven on leading vehicles including Seabotix vLBV, VideoRay, SRS Fusion, and BlueROV2.
  • One-click home position
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Undervoltage / overvoltage protection
  • Reverese Polarity Protection
  • Corrosion and scratch resistent anodized aluminium.



  • Max Closing Force: 600N
  • Push-rod axial load rating: 100kg
  • Length: 0.5m
  • Outer Diameter: 40mm
  • Lift at full reach: 2.5kg
  • Water Weight: 0.9kg
  • 300m Depth Rating
  • Voltage Input: 18-30V
  • Power Requirement: 35W Max
  • Bus Control: RS232/485


Standard Connector: Teledyne 6 Pin EI(W)-55 Impulse Connector

Reach 5 Mini

Single-Interlock Jaws

Double-Interlock Jaws

17mm Rope Cutter

A plug and play graphic interface for controlling, monitoring and configuring all available RS1 modules

  • Communicates over serial or UDP.
  • Provides intuitive control of position, velocity and current.
  • Monitoring of force, voltage and temperatures.
  • Customisable limits of position, velocity and force.


Some of our validated vehicle integrations:

  • VideoRay (MSS Defender, Pro4, Pro5)
  • SRS Fusion
  • Teledyne Seabotix vLBV
  • BlueROV2

In Work:

  • Inspection Class ROVs (e.g. SAAB SeaEye Falcon)