The Reach 5 Mini is a leap in miniature subsea manipulation technology. Three bends coupled with a wrist rotate grabber allow for the end effector to be precisely orientated and positioned in 3D space. With a lifting capacity of 2.0Kg at full reach and a weight of less than 900g in water the Reach 5 Mini is perfect for tasks requiring precise positioning and unmatched dexterity on a small scale. Feedback of position and force provide active self-protection.


Lift Capacity 2kg
Weight (air) 1360g
Weight (water) 900g


Voltage 12-30V
Wattage 35W Max
COMS RS232/485


Voltage 12-30V
Wattage 35W Max
COMS RS232/485

The Reach System is also available in a 3 or 4 function configuration and is easily tailored to meet application specific requirements. Independent axis modules allow for quick replacement, minimizing downtime.

Single-Interlock Jaws

Double-Interlock Jaws

17mm Rope Cutter

A plug and play graphic interface for controlling, monitoring and configuring all available RS1 modules

  • Communicates over serial or UDP.
  • Provides intuitive control of position, velocity and current.
  • Monitoring of force, voltage and temperatures.
  • Customisable limits of position, velocity and force.


Some of our validated vehicle integrations:

  • VideoRay (MSS Defender, Pro4, Pro5)
  • SRS Fusion
  • Teledyne Seabotix vLBV
  • BlueROV2

In Work:

  • Inspection Class ROVs (e.g. SAAB SeaEye Falcon)