Reach 5 Mini

Blueprint Lab Reach System 1 - Reach 5 Mini Underwater Robotic Manipulator for Subsea ROVs

The worlds smallest, smartest, and most dexterous manipulator for the portable ROV community.

Reach 7

An all-electric 7-Function arm providing a previously unavailable capability multiplier to ROV operators.

The Reach 7 Subsea Robotic Manipulator for ROVs or underwater vehicle at Blueprint Lab

Master Arm

Blueprint Lab Master Arm Waldo Topside Controller for ROV Subsea Manipulators

A top-side controller that dramatically reduces training time, improves mission success rates, and enables dexterous tasks not possible with traditional control methods.


The grabbers of choice for portable ROVs operating at high tempo in tough environments.

Underwater Robotic Grabber Gripper for Subsea ROVs


In-Line Rotate

Underwater Rotate Actuator for Subsea ROVs


Underwater Pan-Tilt Actuator for Subsea ROVs

Reach Control

An advanced software suite including obstacle avoidance and a kinematics engine, Reach Control multiplies the performance of manipulators.

Dual Electric Manipulators integrated onto underwater portable ROV

Tilt Camera

Reach Tilt Subsea Camera for Remotely Operated Vehicles

A compact tilting camera with strong low-light performance, ideal for operators of portable class ROVs wanting to keep payload to a minimum.

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