Achieve mission success with the compact, low-light, underwater Micro IP Camera. Designed to deliver live visual feedback, the camera enables greater perception during remote operations - a must for complex intervention and inspection.


Your eyes, underwater

The Micro IP Camera allows clear vision in harsh environments.  Available in combination with a Reach Alpha or Bravo system, or as a stand alone product for your own vehicle, the Micro IP camera is the perfect companion tool to improve situational awareness, task accuracy and efficiency. 


Never miss a beat

Stream in real-time via the Reach Control Software Interface.  Featuring a live feedback function equipped with auto-orientation, the interface is designed for ease of operation regardless of the cameras rotational movement so you can inspect hard-to-reach spaces and record accurate data with ease.

Discover more about Reach Control Software.


Featuring a sapphire glass porthole cover and a depth rating of 300M, the Micro IP Camera is scratch resistant and built to withstand harsh environments.  Specifications include:

  • 1080p Resolution
  • 2MP IP Camera
  • High performance in low light conditions
  • 2.8mm Standard Focal Length
  • 130° FOV
  • Minimum Illumination (LUX): 0.01
  • Latency: <200ms
IP Camera

Stand Alone & Reach Alpha

Supplied with Impulse whip for integration
Length: 96mm
Outer Diameter: Ø24
Wrist Camera

For Reach Bravo

Integrated internally with the manipulator system
Length: 83mm
Outer Diameter: Ø24

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